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i-Bytes Services
IT and Communications are not just tools for an organisation.
IT performs a key function to provide a streamlined service to enable you to concentrate on your core business and to service your clients effectivley and efficiently
IT Support Network and System Security Telephony and Data services
Not just a "call on us when you need" service, but we meet with you on regular basis to asses your growing needs. Keep your network and systems safe, with regular scanning using the latest AV products and even restrict internet surfing to defend your systems against threats. We can provide to you, an all in one solution, acting as a single supplier, helping you with all of your communication needs
PC Supplies Business and Systems Analysis
Over 150,000 products available and accounts with various accredited suppliers and distributors We examine your business models, processes and flow of data. We then report back our findings to you with Solutions.
Project Consultancy Disaster Recovery Online Backups
We help provide that temporary support, that extra pair of hands or that specialist knowledge

We can help you plan and look at all the parts of your business and then with impact analysis we can put in place measures to counter most eventualities.

Online backups from can protect your data from fire, theft, corruption and other disasters.
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