Utilising your IT to it's maximum potential
Costings for our services
Have your own IT department at a fraction of the cost
IT support need not be expensive. At iBytes we perform a key function to provide a streamlined service to enable you to concentrate on your core business and to service your clients effectivley and efficiently
Our Packages
We have 3 pay monthly packages to ensure we can fit inside your budgets. As well as a Pay As You Go Package
Pay monthly packages Gold
Project Services
Projects are billed on an individual basis. As a guide a project will be charged at a daily of £200-£250. This is negotiable and a long term or on going project can be charged on a fixed amount for the completion of the project. Project scope and specifications are defined at the onset of the project
Please contact i-bytes to get pricing
** Please note remote support is used for a faster response and to reduce your costs. The remote support connection is limited to maximum of 1 hour. After which a further session charge will be applied, or a site visit may be required.
** Please note that this is the maximum response time and not a fix time or onsite arrival.
Registered in England and Wales : i-Bytes (UK) Ltd: 07218154